Lessons we can learn from Babies

Babies. Aren’t they just adorable. Just lil’ tiny, weenie, bundles of cute! But they can have their ugly faces too. Give them what they need..and you’re their best friend. Slack on the food and love…and you’re in for a scream fest.

I look at my 5-month old daughter and I envy her life. I honestly do. No stressin’. No worryin’. All she needs to do is communicate what she wants or needs…and BOOM! She has it.


‘I need attention!’

‘I need food!’

‘I need love!’

*farts loudly* ‘Ooooh! Someone needs a diaper change. And that’s me!’

‘I’m tired. I need to sleep!’

‘I’m bored. Let’s do something else.’

Anything she needs, she gets. And I provide. She believes that I will meet her needs. She’s assured that mummy and daddy will be there for her.

So it got me thinking. Do we have faith that God will sort us out? Do we believe that He has our concerns at heart and will attend to them?

Thing is. He does have our interests at heart. He knows what we need. Our desires. But are we able to trust Him fully? Are we sure that He will work it all out?

Just like the baby who has no care or worry in the world. Has assurance that their needs will be met. I believe we should be the same with God. That is truly a challenge for me. But I’m working towards it 🙂


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