Stop Hatin’! Appreciate.

I came across this campaign online called ‘End the Mommy Wars’ and I was impressed. It’s like the lady behind it read my mind completely. Truth be told, I used to be one of those who used to give the side-eye to women with ‘loud’ children. I remember when I was pregnant, my neighbour had just given birth and brought her newborn son home. He would cry and wail at odd hours of the night…causing me to lose sleep. I used to tell my hubby “I really pity that lady. She did get a loud one. I hope ours will be calm.” If only I knew my daughter would be louder.


As an FTM (First Time Mum) I’ve learned not to judge other mums for the decisions they make regarding their children. Just like marriage, every child is unique. Figure out what works for you and what’s best for your child and roll with it. Sadly, no one told me this before. Hence the judging looks before I gave birth. But now I know better. Just because you don’t make the choices I make doesn’t make you (or I) less of a mother. Or a bad mother.


So to all mothers out there, cut other mums some slack. And quit being all judgmental. Encourage. Love. Appreciate and support another mum.


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