Work it Mama!

I know what you’re thinking. But no. That title does not in any way imply dancing or modelling. Hahaha!

But first things first…my daughter turned 6 months last week! *breaks into celebratory dance* It’s been an amazing, interesting half year with our little bundle of joy. When she was born, six months looked like centuries away. And now that we’re here, I’m amazed at how fast time flies and how quick they grow. She was sitting on her own at 5 months. And now all she wants to do is stand. Don’t get me started on the teething bit that’s driving me nuts…sigh! But all in all, it is a joy. Even with the lows, I thank God for every moment.


Which brings me to being a working mum. I believe the strength and grace God has given women is amazing! Now, feminists..don’t high-five me just yet. Because I believe men have their own grace too. But women seem to carry much more. And I’ve experienced this after being a mother. I respect stay-at-home mums. Being a mother is a 24-hour job. So let no one despise the mother who opts to take care of her children as a ‘career’. I applaud you for that. And keep at it momma!


My days feel like 36-hour shifts,lol! I have a live-out nanny, so I ‘work’ before I get to the office and ‘work’ after office hours. By ‘work’ I mean ‘Mummy duty’. It can be distressing especially when you’ve had a long day at the office and all you want is to put your feet up and chill. But somehow, you have strength to keep going. For me, it helps to have a supportive husband and father who helps out whenever he can. 


All in all, being a mother is a delightful job. It can drive you crazy sometimes, but the benefits are amazing! So to all mothers – career mothers or stay-at-home mums – WORK IT! You’re doing a great job!






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