The ‘Poop’ Chronicles

If you’re a mother, you know poop is part of your life from day one. I remember before giving birth, sent me an email on baby poop. It looked scary and eeky…but prepared me for what lay ahead. The first day I saw my daughter Zara’s poop, I almost jumped out of my hospital gown. I asked the nurse “Is she ok? Is that normal?” Totally forgetting the articles I read on meconium. Nothing prepares you for that sight…trust me. But from that day, everytime she pooped, it turned out to be a biology study. Checking for abnormalities. It’s all in the poop!


But there are funny sides to baby poop. I can’t count the number of times Zara has pooped on me. Be it before her bath. Or after a diaper change. Or when I’m holding her letting her tiny lil’ butt be whooped by fresh air. Name it. It’s all gone down. At first, it was distressing. The OCD-germophobe in me rushed to wipe it all off. Nowadays, nothing scares me. I actually enjoy seeing her ‘I-want-to-poop’ face 🙂


However, last night was a new experience all together. She was struggling to poop from 9pm. Making all sorts of grunting noises trying to get it out. To the point she kept waking up crying. I felt bad for her. It hurts to see your baby constipated. You wish you could get into their guts and spill it all out. But Zara’s a strong one. She would try, cry, then give up. But at 3am, when she woke again and I picked her up….the smell hit me. Time for a diaper change.


During diaper change, she kept going. There was no stopping this lil’ motor. Thank God the consistency was normal. It seemed like she just had to get it ALL out. And when she was done, she slept like the lil’ cutie she is.


So next time you see a mother happy that her baby has pooped…walk up to her. Give a pat on the back (a high-five doesn’t work at this time,lol!) And tell the baby “Good one champ!”



5 thoughts on “The ‘Poop’ Chronicles

  1. wangudecortrist

    I remember my daughter’s first poop, it stunk! that meconium stuff is the worst. What’s with babies waiting to poop on a fresh diaper seconds after you put it on… c’mon!

  2. Keith

    My wife and I absolutely love when our little gets the ‘poopy grin’. She runs to her newspaper and makes a special for us. We have a good laugh.

  3. Kiki

    How about the moment you think baby is done and ready for a change and you open the diaper only for more to come flying at you, or when they learn to roll over and you open the diaper and they spread it everywhere….lol…

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