Green is not my colour.

Lately, my daughter Zara has refused to eat her veggies. She used to love her greens when I first introduced them to her at 7 months. But now, she’s become a picky eater.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

As a mum, I know the importance of greens in her diet. So I struggled to figure out how I can get her to eat her greens without knowing she was eating them.

So one day, I was making a green smoothie. (Yes, I’m a health freak too!) And when I poured some for myself, I thought to give a spoonful to Zara to taste. And once she had the green ‘moustache’, she cried for more! One spoonful turned out to be a whole cup! And voila! There it was. The miracle I’d been looking for all my life (Ok, I exaggerate.) But you get the point.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

So from now on, I guess I’ll just blend the greens and hide them in her favourite treats. That way she gets to eat her greens without even knowing it! This will work for now, as I figure out what to do when she’s older. Yes, you can hand me the ‘Genius Mum’ award now πŸ™‚


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