Working mums need a break too!

5am. Alarm rings. Snooze. Turn. Alarm rings again. Fumble for phone to switch off the loud, not-so-soothing sound. Open one eye halfway to check the time. Jump out of bed in panic. No way it’s half an hour later from the first snooze. It felt like a 5-minute nap. Rush to bathroom. Shower. Dress. Get out of the house, coffee lemon water in hand.

Office seems dull today. No smiles. Just nods as greetings. And only if your eyes meet. Create to-do list. Check emails. Do actual work. Lunch break. Chat with colleagues. It’s all about politics today. Back to work. Leave office at 5pm.

Get home. Zara is excited to see me. She runs to the door screaming and hugging me.Β Her hug melts away any stress I had. I feel love. Overwhelming love. She doesn’t let me put my bag down. She wants to be carried. She plants a big, wet one on my lips. And keeps saying ‘Mama’. Sigh. I’m in heaven. I look into her big, pretty eyes and tell I love her. She signals to be put down. Back to earth I go!

Let’s play. Let’s sing. Let’s dance. No time for sitting down. Sitting is for the weak. You’ve got to be on your toes. Keep moving! Why are you eating? No eating till I go to bed. Wait, I’m angry. I don’t know why. But I am. Scream. Throw tantrum. Don’t touch me! Wait. I think I’m ready for my bath now. No! Don’t remove my clothes. I’ll wail for no reason as you take them off. Let me run around the house naked. Can you catch me?! Perhaps a game of hide and seek eh? Oops, I just peed on the carpet. The water’s too hot. It’s ok now. Don’t take me out of this bath. I said, keep me in the water! Oh well, I’ll just cry and wail as you dress me. Twinkle Twinkle? Ok, that can distract me. I’m bored. Cry. Happy birthday? Cool. Oh, time to pray. Hug daddy. Hug mummy. Drink milk. Sleep.

Sigh. That’s done. Feels like I ran a marathon. Eeew! Food’s cold. No energy to warm it. Microwave is too far. Guess I’ll eat it cold. Hang out with hubby. Talk about our day. Cuddle. Watch TV. What? It’s 11pm already?! That means I only have 6 hours of sleep. Sigh. Set alarm.

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Moral of the story: I need a break. And relax I will, this Saturday May 9th. Nothing spells chilling like makeovers and brunch with yummy mummies. For more info, check out Kenyan MumsΒ on Facebook or visit their website. Hope to see y’all there!



8 thoughts on “Working mums need a break too!

  1. Mama Ivanna

    Soo true. You forgot to add >> ‘squeeze in a 30 minute workout’. That obviously means waking up at 4:30 😦 We need a break.

  2. Cathy

    My not-so-little one is five now and other than the tantrums, we are still in the all systems go phase. Play time, meal time and bath time are still exactly that way πŸ™‚

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