Tantrums? Lord help me!

They say your patience gets tried when your child hits 2. The ‘Terrible Twos’ they call it. We’re a few months away from it, and my patience is already worn thin.

Let’s get real! Tantrums are not the easiest thing to deal with. I’m yet to meet a mother who doesn’t mind the screaming, rolling on the floor and banging. My daughter started tantrums immediately she turned 1. Yes, that early. And they’ve been escalating ever since.

Courtesy of talktotoddler.com
Courtesy of talktotoddler.com

I spoke to a friend recently who told me she’d had it with her daughter’s cries and screams. She was even getting acidity because of it! She’d get home and one minute, her daughter is loving on her and the next, she doesn’t want anything to do with mommy. Confusing?! Indeed.

Now before you think toddlers are evil, manipulative minions, this is just a phase. Yes, you went it through too. They don’t understand it. It’s the only way they can let out their frustrations. Frustrations you say? What frustration? Well, even a Lego refusing to fit into another can feel like the end of the world for this little human.

Courtesy of healthymamamagazine.com
Courtesy of healthymamamagazine.com

How I deal with tantrums?

  • I try my best not to overreact or shout. I found that when I shout at my daughter, she screams several octaves higher and the tantrum goes on for longer. I sit calmly (holding myself from smacking her a good one) and wait for it to end.
  • If you can’t handle it (perhaps it’s been a long day), find someone to help you out. Or if you’re alone with your child, walk out of the room for a minute to take a breather.
  • Try hold your child if they’re not moving too much. Sometimes all they want is some good ol’ lovin’ from mummy.
  • Don’t give in to your toddler’s demands. Remember, you’re the parent!
  • Avoid situations that may cause stress to your child. I’ve realised when my daughter’s hungry or sleepy, she’s likely to cause a fit. So I ensure if we’re out, she’s already had her nap or I carry snacks so that she’s well fed.
  • Let your child know that you love them. My daughter is only 21 months, but I like to let her know when she’s done something wrong, and when she’s done good.
  • Consistency is key! Whatever way you choose to deal with tantrums, be consistent in it to make it work.

Remember, it’s a phase that will soon come to an end. Stay positive!

Courtesy of everydaypeoplecartoons.com

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