Terrific Twos

To my little princess,

It feels like it was just yesterday when I held you in my arms – so tiny that you could fit in one arm. When I look at you now, I’m amazed. Amazed how fast you’ve grown. From waiting for the day you could sit up – to now, when you’re a ball of energy and fun!

Many will tell you that you’ve reached ‘Terrible Twos’. But I refuse that. ”Terrible” has a negative connotation – and I don’t want to speak negativity into your life. You’re at a ”Terrific” stage. Terrific Two. Because you’re growing, learning and having fun along the way.

Your mind amazes me. You’re brilliant – my little genius. Even when you get frustrated trying to fit your Lego blocks together – or when you cry because your doll won’t sit up. It’s all part of your growth princess, and you’re getting better at it as you push on to learn more.

”Mama Supuu! (Swahili for pretty) Mama smart! Mama I luh you! (I love you)” When you say those words, it warms my heart. Because you’re learning to love others as I love you.

Happy 2nd birthday Zara!! Mama and Baba love you!



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