Potty Bootcamp

Potty? Check! Snacks? Check! Undies? Check! Newly composed potty song? Check! Patience?…….Patience??……Sigh. Check!

Courtesy of babyworld.co.uk
Courtesy of babyworld.co.uk

Day 1: The minute my daughter wakes up, I remove the diaper and we sing “The Potty Song” (don’t Google my version – it’s fresh out the studio) As a mother you learn new skills. How to compose songs and write award-winning music – in our world that is. That’s a blog post for another day. I digress.

I start off “The Potty Song” which I taught her a few days ago. She still doesn’t know it – but she enjoys my enthusiasm while I sing it. We head to the potty and tell her to ‘susu'(pee). A few seconds later, I hear that glorious sound. And my face lights up! She finishes and signals me to help her up. She stands up and I’m already in the balcony telling the world how my daughter just peed succesfully in the potty. I run back to her and clap for her! She’s wondering why I’m so excited but once again she doesn’t mind it. She gets to realize that she’s done something good and I’m applauding her. We look back at the potty and there it is! Pee. All in the potty. Not a single drop off mark. Woop! Woop! We flush it down the toilet, wash our hands (important habit to instill) then head back to the room.

“Mama, ataka vaa trouser.” (Mama, I want to wear this pair of trousers) She points at her flowery tights. Nope. Not today. Today is ‘pants and diaper-free’ day!

So every 5mins after that, we do the potty. Pees are succesful. Poops…not so much! But every time we “hit the mark”….you’d think we won the Olympics. Each time we don’t, it’s all encouragement – no bashing. Because we’re learning. And learning is a process.

Day 2 and 3 go well. (I did this over a weekend) Day 1 was every 5minutes. Day 2 was every 10minutes. Day 3, 15minutes. (I followed this method by BabyCentre) Day 4 – I ensure the nanny does tonnes of follow up while I’m at work. And in a week, we’re getting the hang of things. She knows when to say she needs to go to the potty.

It’s now been 2months and so far, so good. Yes, we still have oopsies. But it’s all part of the process. A few tips:

  • Be patient with your child. It’s a new milestone/learning curve for them so don’t rush it.
  • Don’t shout at/punish your child when they have an oopsie. (Refer to no.1)
  • Applaud your child every time they ‘hot the mark’. Reward them with a dance or treat. This motivates them big time!
  • Want to start potty training? Set aside at least 2 days where you’re indoors both days. No leaving the house to visit family or friends and no visitors coming in.
  • Have lots of undies and change of clothes nearby. Potty training can be a mess so be prepared to clean up.
  • Do lots of follow through – whether it’s you or the caregiver. Consistency is key otherwise the child easily forgets.
  • Want to know whether your child is ready to potty train? Read here.

Remember to enjoy the process. Teach your child a “potty song” and have fun while at it!

Courtesy of mysocalledglamlife.com
Courtesy of mysocalledglamlife.com

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