Differences between my 1st and 2nd pregnancy

My sincere apologies. It’s been months since I blogged. To be honest, I haven’t had the energy/psyche to document my thoughts. That explains the title of this post πŸ˜€

You could take this as an announcement – yes, I’m going to be a mother of two. It’s exciting isn’t it?! Let me get straight to it.

My first pregnancy

The first one was new and exciting! I was constantly reading material on BabyCentre, swooning over baby clothes and taking photos of my ‘taking-forever-to-show’ bump. I knew at every moment, how far along I was. I started to show at 5months and I was over the moon! I was at Biashara Street (Nairobi) by the end of my 1 st trimester going through my checklist of what I should or should not buy.

This time, I was excited when I found out I was pregnant. However, dealing with a toddler and being a working mum, I never had the excitement of every week like before (with my first). I signed on to BabyCentre just to keep tabs on how far along I was since I would always forget. This time however, I began to show at 2 months! (Yikes!) The internets were right when they said the bump is bigger this time around. I’m getting into my 3rd trimester and still don’t have a checklist (sigh!). It is well – never that serious!

Difference 1
Courtesy of parenting.com

Difference in symptoms

I had nasty morning sickness in my first pregnancy. I actually dreaded the whole idea of being pregnant at the time. I even lost 5kgs because I had zero appetite and puked almost every time I ate. Thank God it all ended at week 14 and my energy levels surged. I only gained 5kgs the entire pregnancy – I guess walking and high energy levels contributed to it.

Difference 2.1
Courtesy of pinterest.com

This time, I only had a bit of nausea and was eating like a pig! I still have a bit of nausea that comes up from time to time but not too serious. I had serious appetite and had gained 5kgs by week 16. (Gasp!) Don’t get it twisted, I’m still healthy and so is baby – but itΒ gets annoying when people ask if I’m carrying twins (eye roll). My energy levels are low this time, I feel heavy most of the time and just want to lie down all day. Plus the pregnancy brain this time round is serious! Once I forgot I had my shoes on yet I spent 15mins looking for them.

Difference 2
Courtesy of pinterest.com

‘Talking to Baby’

I was constantly talking to my unborn baby in my first pregnancy. It was just husband and I, so we would always find time to ‘talk to the womb’. The first kicks were exciting – though I took forever to figure out if they were real or not since I’d never been pregnant before.

This time it’s not so obvious. I love to caress my bump and feel the strong kicks, but I’m more focused on having my daughter talk to her sibling. There are days she doesn’t feel like it and that’s fine, and there are days she comes and hugs my bump and has a chat with her brother/sister. This is the part that wins me over and makes me realise that I’m truly carrying another miracle inside of me.

Difference 3
Courtesy of pinterest.com

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

All in all, I still have love for the little being inside of me. Every single day, my family and I pray for a safe pregnancy – and eventual safe delivery. Many ask me if I’ll opt for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section) this time round, but my mind is open for whatever God plans. As long as I’ll have a safe delivery and a healthy baby – and I’m healthy too – that’s all that matters.

Let me know what stark differences you’re facing if it’s your second/third pregnancy. πŸ™‚


23 thoughts on “Differences between my 1st and 2nd pregnancy

  1. Cess Wanjiku

    Had the exact same differences with my two pregnancies….but it’s the most beautiful feeling holding your babies!!!!All the best gal!

  2. Mary Kimani

    omg!! am thinking wait a minute did i blog this or did i blog this!! i can relate to this 1000%..still avent thought of a name yet,no shopping list has been attended to,worse off started my clinics a month ago at 6mnths pg(slowly hiding under my desk)..yaani this 2nd time around am beyond easy..my daughter is the excited one n like u she stirs up my emotions n realization that a mini her will be home anytime soon..but through n through a safe delivery is all we are praying for too..its a great read at least i feel normal agai

    1. No need to feel alone! πŸ™‚ It doesn’t mean you’re not a good mum, it’s just that you’re more relaxed this time considering you’ve been there before. It will all fall in place with time. And yes, a safe delivery is all that matters. Wishing you a healthy baby and healthy self too! πŸ™‚

  3. Naserian

    Reading group your articles for the first time and I’m totally in love with your writing . Well done for being such an inspiration to many. Keep blogging and sharing your amazing experiences and I’ll keep reading!

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