Her first movie experience

My husband and I are movie buffs. Most of our date nights include going to the movies. But Zara (our 3-year old daughter) has never been to a movie theatre. We’ve always said we’ll take her when she turns 5 since she has a short attention span – trust me, we’ve seen it when we watch animation movies at home. So when Emirates invited me to the premier screening of “Moana”, I was a bit hesitant to take her. I’m also currently under ‘house arrest’ with my newborn so I knew I wouldn’t make it.

Of course my husband was more than willing to take her since it would also give me and my son a bit of space while he gets to go on a ‘date’ with his daughter. To be honest, I was worried that they may not enjoy the whole movie and they would walk out halfway through the movie. Immediately they got back home, he met me at the door with a 1001 questions:

“Did she sit through the whole movie?”

“Was she fussy at any point? Did she want to pee when the movie was still on?”

“Did she freak out because of the loud sound?”

Trust me, this was not even half of what he had to hear! 🙂 To my surprise, she sat through the whole movie – and it was 3D! He told me there were moments when she would freak out but not to the point of screaming and wanting to run out of the theatre.

I was so proud of her. It may sound silly to some, but for real, this was a tear-jerking proud moment. It also meant that we could stop the inhibitions we’d placed in our minds about our little girl and let her enjoy the ‘outside world’ (read movie theatres) once in a while.

My husband Fred and our little princess Zara

To crown it all, they had free snacks and practical freebies. By practical I mean that the day God blesses us again to go on a long flight, these gifts will come in handy. They’re called cuddly Fly With Me Animals by Emirates – a blanket buddy to wrap up with and a little seat critter that attaches to the seat belt. She also got two activity books to keep her busy as well as learn new things.

These will come in handy on her next flight 🙂

Thank you Emirates for the experience! My little girl will always remember it :)What a way to start the festive season! I will take a break from blogging until January 2017 but great things in store next year 🙂 From my family to yours, have a Merry Christmas and blessed new year!




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