When breastfeeding hurts…

Breastfeeding is a natural process that doesn’t come naturally for all. If anything, it’s a learning curve for both you and baby – at least in my case it was.

Having had a C-section, I didn’t hold my baby (both occasions) until at least 6 hours after birth. With my daughter, it was tough for both us – she didn’t want to try and I was done trying. I remember the nurses all up in my grill telling me not to give up but with a CS wound and a newborn’s incessant crying, I wasn’t having it. I kept returning to the nursery for a formula feed. Until we got home and we both had to face the music. She eventually got to latch properly but the trial-and-error came with a price – sore, cracked nipples!


I cannot describe to you the pain felt when breastfeeding a child and you have cracked nipples. It’s like a paper cut wound lit on fire over and over again! I had never experienced such pain in my life. Every time she was due for a feed, I would literally cry and cringe wishing she would let me heal first.

With my son, it was much easier when it came to a proper latch. It’s like the boy was born knowing how to suckle,lol! HOWEVER, I still did experience cracked nipples – and this time they were bleeding. Yikes! Thing is, he would latch on and suckle trying to get the milk out which was taking its sweet damn time! All the suckling he did eventually got my milk coming in faster than expected, but still not without a price.


You may ask, is there treatment for it? Yes, there is. Just keep breastfeeding! I know, sounds crazy especially when you’re in so much pain, but it’s the only option. After every feed, I would hand express and rub some of the milk around the wounded area. I would also apply an ice pack before and after a feed just to numb the pain. It took around a week for me to completely heal but feeding got easier every time baby would feed. You can also get a tonne of alternative remedies online – Google is your friend! 🙂

There are other issues some nursing mothers face like blocked ducts and mastitis that can really discourage a mother from breastfeeding. Continuing to give your baby that liquid gold is the only way to relieve pain. Unless of course it’s persistent, then you’d have to consult a doctor. All the same, I’m intent on exclusively breastfeeding the first six months so watch out next week when I share with you my tips on how to increase your milk supply. 🙂

Funny how that sounded like a sign off to a TV show. Hmmm! 😀



7 thoughts on “When breastfeeding hurts…

  1. I’m a little opposite, I was all over the nurses telling them how they must show me how to feed again and again and again. Right now it’s so easy for me plus when it gets engorged just a little poke a whoosh so pumping is also quite easy.

    1. Well you’re lucky! I had flat nipples so they used a syringe (Zara’s time) to pull my nipples out – worst experience ever! I actually learned breastfeeding at home. With a CS, milk takes longer than usual to come in so it’s not as simple.

  2. Stella macharia

    Cracked nipples were the death of me!!!!! Every time he wanted 2 feed I’d die! Ihad a c section as well so my pain was double. It got better eventually n 6 months later still bfeeding. Am glad I got 2 exclusive bfeeding till 6 months. I just introduced solids n we r still learning what we like/not like.🤔🤔

    1. Good job on 6months ebf! Weaning is another ball game together but not as bad 🙂 You’ll learn eventually how he reacts to various foods later on as it’s too early to tell now. Kwanza they keep changing as they get to toddlerhood and become more picky! 😀

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