5 ways to show love to your children

February is the month of love! Valentines Day is a big deal for many women (not for me since I don’t see the fuss) but I don’t mind the fact that time has been set aside in the global calendar to spread a little love.


For me, showing love to my husband and children is an everyday thing. Since we’re celebrating love this month, I’ll start off with how I show my children that I love them.

  1. Hugs and kisses:

Those cuddles and millions of kisses all over their faces is what I love to do every day! I’ve had to do it even more now since there are two of them and don’t want my daughter feeling left out. Zara loves cuddles and I’ve learned over time that it’s her love language so I try my best to hug her every day – even when she’s done something wrong (after disciplining her of course!) With my son Xander, those kisses are in full supply! πŸ™‚ Cute chubby babies just know how to pull at your heartstrings.

  1. Β Discipline:Β 

My husband and I are all about setting the path straight for our kids so that we not only have to deal with bratty teenagers later – but also to show that we love them so much, we want them to be responsible adults. We’re still learning to deal with the different stages of toddler hood, but that doesn’t mean a lil’ spanking here and there has been thrown to the back burner. Disciplining your kids is hard (and you may feel guilty about it once in a while) but it’s worth it – trust me!

  1. Act silly with your kids:

Don’t be all stand off-ish or all grown up with your kids…get down to their level! Dance when they dance – sing along to their silly songs – play ‘let’s pretend’ with them – be a kid again! This helps build their self confidence and they love it when mummy can make funny faces or daddy can act like a donkey that they can ride. They won’t be the only ones having fun, you will too! πŸ™‚

  1. Spend time with them:Β 

I don’t mean being on your phone/laptop in the same room with your child playing with her toys. I mean putting every distraction away and bonding with your child – being interested in what they’re doing; listening to them; maintaining eye contact; asking questions – THAT kind of time. Gifts are good but they don’t mean as much as the memories you create with them. Do whatever you can in the midst of your crazy daily schedule to bond with your children.


  1. Pray for and with them:Β 

Teaching Zara how to pray is one of the best things we ever did. We teach her to pray not only for herself or family, but for others as well. If she tells me her friend in school didn’t show up because they were sick, we pray for them right there and then. Or if she had a bad dream and is startled, I pray for her teaching her that she can trust in God to dispel all her fears. She even prays for things like her bike or her shoes,lol! With prayer, you cover your children and they learn to cover themselves as well.


So, how do you show your children love? Comment below or hit me up on Facebook and Instagram (@KenyanMamaTales), I’d love to hear from you.



4 thoughts on “5 ways to show love to your children

  1. fridarchie

    If you see me with Israel at home you’ll think I’m a weird mum. I act all goofy with him, play with him hide and sick, football even horsy mummy though with his weight and my baby weight at the moment that one’s been shelved for now πŸ˜‚ Once I’m home, I usually ask him how the day was and this has really helped develop his communication skills. Nowadays he does it without me asking, this is important to me cause at least I know when something is wrong he’ll let me know. Like you, we don’t compromise when it comes to discipline, it’s not easy like you said but it’s totally worth it. At some, point I noticed Israel had started getting nightmares and he would mention “hunhun” 😯 I had no idea what that was 😯 We sieve everything he watches and stopped giving him our phones awhile back when we realised even kids get hooked to gadgets and all. So I took time and prayed for direction and taught him a short prayer/declaration that, “Jesus is stronger than any monsters or “hunhun”. Nowadays, anytime he gets scared he makes that short prayer/declaration. I later learnt that ‘hunhun’ is a hyena from watching ‘Lion Guard’ with him(His pronunciation of hyena has since improved lol πŸ˜€) Like Zara Israel’s love language is touch so hugs and kisses from mum and dad are in plenty. I also affirm him lots and encourage him as well to build his confidence. I tell him how much I love him everyday and my heart just melts when I hear him say, “I love you too mummy”❀❀❀

    Great read BTW ☝Keep on writing Ma’

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