Love thyself

Dear Mummy,

I know you’re tired. I know you’ve not had a proper shower in days. I know you’re sleep deprived. I know you’re fatigued.

Yet everyone needs you. Your children can’t do without you. Your husband/partner longs for you. Your business/career is craving your special skills. But you feel done.

Done attending to everyone. Done wiping bums. Done fixing meals. Done hustling. Done giving love – because you’ve given out so much, you don’t feel it within you. You’re empty, out of reserves and need filling up. All the cuddles, hugs and kisses in the world don’t even fill your tank quarter-way, you need more.

How can you give love if you have none? How can you love if you don’t love yourself?

All is not lost, you can fill up your tank again. Ask for help. Don’t feel shy, do it. Have someone hold baby as you take a long shower or nap. Long showers do wonders – trust me! šŸ™‚ Take a nap when baby naps – the house won’t fall apart if the dishes are not done. Or read a book while baby naps – feed your imagination again. Take the afternoon off! Don’t feel guilty leaving your baby (or children) for a few hours. Meet a friend, take a walk, sit alone at a cafe sipping coffee, go for a pedicure – do whatever your heart desires at the moment. Take time to be alone. And if you feel too stretched, talk to God.

Rest does wonders. It gives you time to rejuvenate, to remember who you were before motherhood came along. So as you work towards giving out love to your family, do the same equally to yourself – your family will thank you for it!

Happy Valentines Day! šŸ™‚



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