Goodbye maternity leave

I can’t believe 4 months fly by so fast!

I returned to work a week ago and it’s been a bitter-sweet experience. Bitter because I miss just being at home with my son and witnessing the milestones 😦 – sweet because I get to be out of the house (child-free) and have adult conversations 🙂 I have to say leaving baby has been easier this time round since I’ve been through this before so the anxieties are less – still there, but not as much as the first time.

working mum
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Being a working mum is not easy! {Not to say that stay-at-home mums don’t have it rough too} A typical day for me looks like this:

5:30am: Wake up to shower and prep for work (despite having had interrupted sleep due to night nursing)

6:30am: Nurse baby as the nanny helps prep my daughter for school

7:00am: Have breakfast with a singing toddler (why is she so happy every morning?!!)

7:15am: Rush through last minute preps and instructions for nanny as we leave for school (a minute later and the traffic will be a nightmare!)

[More singing on the way to school as I try to fully wake up]

7:30am: School drop off

8:30am: Arrive at the office

10:00am: Pumping session 1 (also a time for me to catch up on social media,lol!)

2:00pm: Pumping session 2 (catch up on more social media)

4:00pm: Home time!

4:45pm: (depending on traffic) Get home and put the mum hat on to entertain a baby and toddler

6:45pm: Bedtime routine for both baby and toddler

7:30pm: Kids are blacked out; wifey hat comes in (prep for the next day happens at this time)

9:00pm: Sleep (yes, I’m not 20 anymore to stay up until 1am!)

Looks likes a sort of jam-packed day (I’ve not included the nitty-gritties) but it has taught me the art of preparation, preparation, preparation! I’m still not perfect at it – trust me, there are many times mummy brain has checked in and stuff is not done. However, preparation helps in erasing anxiety over what needs to be done both at home and work.

I’m still trying to get the hang of things at work – it’s like what I used to do is a faint memory,lol! I keep telling my colleagues that I need a fresh orientation but they think I’m joking. Yo, it’s not easy trying to catch up when life moved on when you were away!

Pumping at work has not been easy at all. My boy is a real guzzler when it comes to my liquid gold so he’s consuming more than I’m pumping in one day. (This is a post for another day)

So how did you cope with getting back to work after maternity leave? Let’s talk!



8 thoughts on “Goodbye maternity leave

  1. Hey Carol, always a good read. I’m also back to work (day 2). 4 months have flown by so fast. I got a good nanny, so less anxieties and I’m trusting God fully to take care of Miss K. Question: In regards to pumping twice in a working day, how do you clean your pump? I was thinking of hot dispenser water so i can do round 2 in the afternoon, but please advise. 🙂

    1. fridarchie

      Mwongely… Let me share my experience 🙈I actually had cleaning gear and I’d clean the pump with warm water and soap in preparation for the next pumping session at the company kitchen.

  2. fridarchie

    I went back to work when my little one was four and a half months. The first few weeks at work were the hardest cause like you I’d gotten so used to being around LO and experiencing each and every milestone; got used to it though 😊 I had enough milk for LO (I had pumping sessions at 10am&2pm) I’d leave the office at 3:30 get into mummy-wife hats once home, retire to bed and repeat the whole cycle the next day.

    It wasn’t easy but I did it; I managed 😊

  3. Mary

    Wah. That will be me next Monday, only that it’s my first time. He’s five months now. I keep telling myself that we will be fine. It’s nice to read someone else’s experience.

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