I’m done with breastfeeding!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m done! I’m done with breastfeeding.

Let’s be honest, it gets to a point when breastfeeding is no longer fun – the biting, pulling and tugging, acrobatic movements when nursing, taking hours to figure out what to wear that is nursing friendly – the list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro-breastfeeding. The benefits go beyond the 30-minute nursing sessions. I enjoyed breastfeeding when it’s all I had to do when I was home on maternity leave – when my breasts were full with milk and baby was more calm feeding.

Right now, 8 months later, he’s just nursing to soothe himself. I’m not producing much now since I stopped pumping at 5 months so I’m literally a pacifier for this boy. And it’s exhausting! I love my son, I really do – but I just want to bond with him without having him pull and tug at my boob.

Many of you may say that I should ‘cherish the moment’, ‘enjoy it as they grow up too fast’ – but what is so wrong with a mum venting and wanting the months to fly by?! Nothing.

So if you’re a mum like me, go ahead and vent. And continue to love on that little bundle of joy that gives you niplash! 😀



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