I’m done with breastfeeding!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m done! I’m done with breastfeeding.

Let’s be honest, it gets to a point when breastfeeding is no longer fun – the biting, pulling and tugging, acrobatic movements when nursing, taking hours to figure out what to wear that is nursing friendly – the list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro-breastfeeding. The benefits go beyond the 30-minute nursing sessions. I enjoyed breastfeeding when it’s all I had to do when I was home on maternity leave – when my breasts were full with milk and baby was more calm feeding.

Right now, 8 months later, he’s just nursing to soothe himself. I’m not producing much now since I stopped pumping at 5 months so I’m literally a pacifier for this boy. And it’s exhausting! I love my son, I really do – but I just want to bond with him without having him pull and tug at my boob.

Many of you may say that I should ‘cherish the moment’, ‘enjoy it as they grow up too fast’ – but what is so wrong with a mum venting and wanting the months to fly by?! Nothing.

So if you’re a mum like me, go ahead and vent. And continue to love on that little bundle of joy that gives you niplash! 😀



7 thoughts on “I’m done with breastfeeding!

  1. LoL great article. My son is 8months and 1 week and I’m very anxious about the fact that although he’s huge for an 8 month old he’ll only breastfeed. He won’t eat food. I’ve wasted so many bottles of baby food since he was 6months. I’m so ready to stop breastfeeding but I’m not sure how.

    1. Don’t be anxious about his growth especially if he’s within the normal weight range. Some babies are just bigger than others 🙂 My son is now 11months and still breastfeeding – albeit sparingly – will wean him off when he gets to one year. If I’m successful, I’ll write a post on it.

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