Sleep training: what works?

My son Xander is 6 months old *insert happy mummy dance* and it's been an interesting journey of sleep deprivation and numerous milestones. I always tell first-time mums that the first year is always hardest, but it does get better with time. I started my son on a routine when he was 6 weeks old …

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7 Things They Don’t Tell You After Giving Birth

I have received numerous messages from first-time mothers saying no one told them about the post-birth experience (read the first week, or two, after delivery). I will share the top 5 things I never knew after giving birth: 1. You will bleed heavily (like a heavy period) Say goodbye to the 9-month bliss of no …

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Tips for a breastfeeding working mother

It has been close to a month since I returned to work and I can't say it's been easy. Trying to focus at work while being sleep deprived is hard! But I've had to come up with coping mechanisms to help me thrive both at home and in the office. Here are my top five …

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Goodbye maternity leave

I can't believe 4 months fly by so fast! I returned to work a week ago and it's been a bitter-sweet experience. Bitter because I miss just being at home with my son and witnessing the milestones 😦 - sweet because I get to be out of the house (child-free) and have adult conversations 🙂 …

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Love thyself

Dear Mummy, I know you're tired. I know you've not had a proper shower in days. I know you're sleep deprived. I know you're fatigued. Yet everyone needs you. Your children can't do without you. Your husband/partner longs for you. Your business/career is craving your special skills. But you feel done. Done attending to everyone. …

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5 ways to show love to your children

February is the month of love! Valentines Day is a big deal for many women (not for me since I don't see the fuss) but I don't mind the fact that time has been set aside in the global calendar to spread a little love. For me, showing love to my husband and children is …

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How to increase your breast milk supply

Breast milk supply is always a topic of discussion among nursing mums. I share my 3 top tips on how to increase your supply.